Summer ’12 – Museum of Arts and Science, Macon, GA

May 5, 2012 – September 16, 2012

Journey back through time in the Life Through Time: Dinosaurs & Ice Age Mammals exhibition to see how a few famous animals lived in their environments. Experience the sights, sounds, and action of robotic animals from Kokoro Exhibits, the creative team that has recreated the time of dinosaurs and taken us into the microscopic world of insects in recent years.

Start in the Ice Age and chill with a Saber Tooth Tiger family and a Mastodon. Then travel even farther back to the time of dinosaurs to run from a Tyrannosaurus Rex and gaze up on a giant Apatosaurus. This group consists of 10 exhibits in all and includes a robotic skeleton you can control, crayon rubbing tables, and a dinosaur dig.

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