Fall ’15 – Robots to return to NH science center

KOKORO DINOSAURS, based in Woodland Hills, Calif., features ancient creatures of all sizes and shapes. Shown at left is one of the robots from a past exhibition.

MANCHESTER — Hear that rumble? Feel the ground quaking? Yes, it’s true, something big is headed back to the Queen City.

The SEE Science Center, 200 Bedford St., will work with Kokoro Dinosaurs to bring a host of impressive robots to town next fall, said Adele Maurier, design coordinator for the venue.

“This will be the ninth time SEE has hosted a robotic dinosaur exhibit in the state of New Hampshire since 1986,” Maurier said. “The last time, in 2013, more than 45,000 visitors saw the exhibit.”

To feature a different group of robots since that visit, the exhibit will showcase six species of dinosaurs, two Cretaceous sea creatures and a pterosaur. Fourteen robots will be on view, including a 22-foot-long Tyrannosaurs Rex.

In addition, the showing will include hands-on experiences and learning activities.

For more information, visit www.see-sciencecenter.org.


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