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Summer ’16 – A Bug’s World at Sloan Museum

Giant bugs are crawling into Sloan Museum! Trade sizes with an insect to find bugs looming large in this interactive exhibit. Learn about entomology—the study of insects—while exploring common backyard species magnified 40-120 times their size in scientifically accurate animatronic detail. Aspiring entomologists will investigate giant replicas of 5 species: Chinese praying mantis, stick bug, […]

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Fall ’12 – DInosaurs! at SciWorks

DINOSAURS! Back by popular demand, everyone’s favorite prehistoric reptiles are here until January 12th, 2013! Immerse yourself in an exhibit featuring your favorite dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Deinonychus, and more! These full and half sizes robots move with incredibly life-like motion as they roar, feed, fight, and care for their young.

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