The word “Kokoro” means “heart” in Japanese – Kokoro Exhibits was founded on the notion of passion, and prides itself on staying true to its origins. We are dedicated to our clients, striving to provide each with realistic, high-quality animatronics.

The Japanese robotics company “Kokoro Dreams,” a subsidiary of Sanrio, began manufacturing animatronic dinosaurs upon its establishment in 1984. In the late-1980s, a Los Angeles division of the firm was set up under the name “Kokoro Dinosaurs,” of which Jun Shimizu became president. Shimizu coordinated dinosaur exhibits across the continent, and business flourished. This gave rise to the construction of additional animatronic creatures: giant insects and Ice Age mammals.

In 2010, Sukeshi “Casey” O’Neal bought Kokoro Dinosaurs, at which time she changed the company’s name to “Kokoro Exhibits.” O’Neal remains the owner and president of Kokoro Exhibits, continuing to expand the prosperous company worldwide.