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Summer ’16 – Dinosaurs Revealed at the Mid America Science Museum

Mid-America Science Museum is happy to announce Dinosaurs Revealed as its first summer exhibit since its grand re-opening. This featured exhibit will be made up of fossils and animatronic dinosaurs and will be premiering Memorial Day weekend. On display throughout the entire summer, visitors may have the opportunity to view and even touch six full […]

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Summer ’16 – The World of Giant Insects at Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center’s latest featured exhibition, The World of Giant Insects, transports you into a bug’s life getting up close and personal with interactive animatronic critters.Stand under a giant Desert Locust as it springs to flight. Watch as the Chinese Praying Mantis spreads its menacing limbs or sit alongside a fat and squishy Lime Swallowtail […]

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The World of Giant Insects

Enter a world where giant insects tower over people – 40 to 120 times larger than life-size! Experience the immersive and realistic habitats, complete with scenic background images, plants, and ground cover. Watch insects socially interact, such as two 11 ft. Atlas beetles battling with their horns. Remote control a dragonfly, honey bee, or mosquito […]

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