Summer ’16 – The World of Giant Insects at Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center’s latest featured exhibition, The World of Giant Insects, transports you into a bug’s life getting up close and personal with interactive animatronic critters.
ASC_BUGSWORLDStand under a giant Desert Locust as it springs to flight. Watch as the Chinese Praying Mantis spreads its menacing limbs or sit alongside a fat and squishy Lime Swallowtail Caterpillar munching on vegetation as it prepares to transform into a butterfly. Have you ever wondered what a mosquito’s mouth looks like? At 40 to 120 times life size, you have the ability to get up close and see for yourself.

This exhibition will amaze both adults and children, providing a unique and educational experience for the whole family that is not to be missed. With every aspect of the exhibition designed in collaboration alongside prominent entomologists to ensure scientific accuracy, and utilizing technology to create life-like movements and gestures, you will truly feel like you are being transported into another world. 

Opens May 28 through September 5. Click here for more info.

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